1. Wrupk Urei "Wu Wei"
2. Lambchop "This (Is What I Wanted to Tell You)"
3. Luurel Varas "175g"
4.-8. Stephen Malkmus "Groove Denied"
4.-8. Sharon van Etten "Remind me Tomorrow"
4.-8. Nilüfer Yanya "Miss Universe"
4.-8. Liis Ring "Woolgathering"
9.-12. Steve Mason "About the Light"
9.-12. Iseloomad "Elu on selline"
9.-12. Diversicolor "Diversicolor"
9.-12. Bill Callahan "Shepher in a Sheepskin vest"
13.-20. Neuronphase "LP"
13.-20. Vaiko Eplik "Sireleis"
13.-20. Sunn O))) "Life Metal"
13.-20. Kim Gordon "No Home Record"
13.-20. Purple Mountains "Purple Mountains"
13.-20. Bob Hund "0-100"
13.-20. Hot Chip "A Bath Full of Ecstasy"
13.-20 Sturgill Simpson "Sound & Fury"


1. Moor Mother “Analog Fluids Of Sonic Black Holes”

2.-4. Hildur Guðnadóttir “Chernobyl OST”

2.-4. Sote “Parallel Persia”

2.-4. Zonal “Wrecked”

5.-8. Three Free Radicals x Liis Viira “Atlas Of Heavens”

5.-8. Royal Trux/ Ariel Pink “Pink Stuff EP”

5.-8. Liturgy “H.A.Q.Q”

5.-8. Klein “Lifetime”

9.-15. Black To Comm “Seven Horses For Seven Kings”

9.-15. Lightning Bolt “Sonic Citadel”

9.-15. SunnO))) “Life Metal”

9.-15. Neuronphase “Neuronphase LP”

9.-15. King Midas Sound “Solitude”

9.-15. Christian Lillinger “Open Form For Society”

9.-15. Eliane Radigue “Occam Ocean II”

16.-20. Billie Eilish “When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go”

16.-20. Cult Of Luna “A Dawn To Fear”

16.-20. Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds “Ghosteen”

16.-20. Kali Malone “Sacrifical Code”

16.-20. JPEGMafia “My Heroes Are Cornballs”


1 Kannabinõid III

2 Sturgill Simpson Sound & Fury

3 TOOL Fear Inoculum

4 Death Angel Humanicide

5 Desert Queen Brand New World

6 Enforced At The Walls

7 Blut Aus Nord Hallucinogen

8 Tyler Chylders Country squire

9 Besvärjelsen Frost

10 Sacred Reich Awakening

11 Skraeckoedlan Eorþe

12 Panopticon Scars II

13 Our Native Daughters Songs Of Our Native Daughters

14 Deceitome Flux Of Ruin

15 Bruce Sprigsteen Western Stars

16 Zachary Lucky Midwestern

17 Estoner Tahm

18 Mars Red Sky The task eternal

19 Possessed Revelation Of Oblivion

20 Ordo Rosario Equilibrio Let's Play (Two Girls & a Goat)



Michael Kiwanuka “Kiwanuka”

Doug Shorts “Casual Encounter”

Nimbus “Children of The Earth”

Kelly Finnigan “The tales people tell”

Emerson “If You Need Me Call Me”

The Black Pumas “Black Pumas”

Misha Panfilov "Heli Maagia"

Bobby Oroza ‎“This Love”

Brahja “Brahja”

Ed Longo & Applied Arts Ensemble ‎“The Other Fantasy”

Vaiko Eplik "Sireleis"

The Mighty Mocambos “2066”

Seltskond Pargis "6 Pala Öisest Pealinnast"

Lee Fields & The Expressions “It Rains Love”

Kumasi “I Know You Feel It”

Dexter Story “Bahir”

Carlton Jumel Smith ‎”1634 Lexington Ave”

Ghost Funk Orchestra “A Song For Paul”

Orgōne With Adryon De Leon “Reasons”

Time Grove “More Than One Thing”

Muriel Grossmann “Reverence”

Shawn Lee “Rides Again”

Põhja Konn "Hetk. InSpereeritud Tüürist"


1.-10. King Gizzard and The Lizard Wizard “Fishing for Fishes”

1.-10. Sleaford Mods “Eton Alive”

1.-10. Sipelga14 “Traplife”

1.-10. Mark Lanegan “Somebody’s Knocking”

1.-10. Thou Shell Of Death “Witchery”

1.-10. Manna “Album”

1.-10. Rustin Man “Drift Code”

1.-10. Neoandertals “Neanderthal Parallax”

1.-10. Nick Cave “Ghosteen”

1.-10. Mr. Clay “Found Myself Dead”

11.-20. Kim Gordon “No Home Record”

11.-20. Hexvessel “All tree”

11.-20. Hot Kommunist “Ära Määri Meie Käsi Oma Verega”

11.-20. Boy Harsher “Careful”

11.-20. Kannabinõid “3”

11.-20. Estoner “Tahm”

11.-20. Billie Eilish “When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?”

11.-20. Yasmyn “Slowfall”

11.-20. Kate Tempest “The Book of Traps and Lessons"

11.-20. Henryk Gorécki/Beth Gibbons & The Polish National Radio Symphony Orchestra "Symphony No. 3 (Symphony of Sorrowful Songs)


Caroline Polachek “Pang”

Solange “When I Get Home”

Kepla & DeForrest Brown, Jr. “The Wages Of Being Black Is Death”


Eartheater “Trinity”

Digga D “Double Tap Diaries”

Blood Orange “Angels Pulse”

Aldous Harding “Designer”

Rico Nasty “Anger Management”

TisaKorean “A Guide To Being A Partying Freshman”

JAB “Erg Herbe”

Homeshake “Helium”

Countess Malaise “Hysteria”

Felicia Atkinson “The Flower And The Wessel”

Pacific Yew “((((Maidenhair))))”

Ruth Garbus “Kleinmeister”

Deli Girls “I Don't Know How To Be Happy”

Valee “Runnin’ Rich”

JPEGMAFIA “All My Heroes Are Cornballs”

SahBabii “Squidtastic”


1. Lightning Bolt "Sonic Citadel"

2. Sunn O))) "Life Metal"
3. Rorcal - Muladona
4. Sunn O))) "Pyroclasts"
5. Blood Incantation "Hidden History of the Human Race”
6. Black Bread Gone Mad "Ayibobo"
7. Rammstein "Rammstein"
8. The Chemical Brothers "No Geography"
9. Mike Patton, Jean-Claude Vannier "Corpse Flower"
10. Devin Townsend "Empath"
11. Mayhem "Daemon"
12. Sault "5"
13. State Faults "Clairvoyant"
14. Meisterjaan "Tüdrukud, elekter ja tuul"
15. Bedless Bones "Sublime Malaise"
16. The Claypool Lennon Delirium "South of Reality"
17. Shin Guard "2020"
18. Aleksi Perälä "Presence"
19. Empath "Active Listening Night on Earth"

20. Gauche "A People's History of Gauche"


1. The Caretaker „Everywhere at the End of Time – Stage 6“

2. ECCO2k „E“

3. Jenny Hval „The Practice of Love“

4. Solange „When I Get Home“

5. Raphael Saadiq „Jimmy Lee“

6. Sunn O))) „Life Metal“

7. Kai Whiston „No World as Good as Mine“

8. Young Thug „So Much Fun”

9.–10. Jessica Pratt „Quiet Signs“

9.–10. Kanye West „Jesus Is King“

11.–13. Billie Eilish „When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?“

11.–13. Cherushii & Maria Minerva „Cherushii & Maria Minerva“

11.–13. Moor Mother „Analog Fluids of Sonic Black Holes“

14.–15. Neoandertals „Neanderthal Parallax“

14.–15. Amnesia Scanner & Bill Kouligas „Lexachast“

16.–17. Young Nudy/Pi’erre Bourne „Sli’merre“

16.–17. Cosey Fanni Tutti „TUTTI“

18. Fennesz „Agora“

19. Loraine James „For You & I“

20. YASMYN „Slowfall“


1. Sip€lga 14 “Traplaif”

2. Refreshers “Pork Pie”

3. Night Tapes “Dream Forever In Glorious Stereo”

4. Neuronphase “Neuronphase LP”

5. Andrus Elbing “Andrus Elbing”

6. Ellen Arkbro “Chords”

7. Kerli “Shadow Works”

8. Ian Brown “Ripples”

9. Metronomy “Metronomy Forever”

10. FKA Twigs “Magdalene”

11. Girl Unit “Song Feel”

12. Solange “When I Get Home”

13. Sammalhabe “Armastus, Rahu”

14. Manna “Album”

15. Lil Till “Mämm”

16. Moodymann “Sinner”

17. Anna Kaneelina “Anna Kaneelina”

18. Fatima Al Qadiri “Atlantics”

19. Kreatiivmootor “Mentalbau”

20. Tool “Fear Inoculum”


Sunn o))) "Pyroclasts"

Cult of Luna "a Dawn to Fear"

The Young Gods "Data Mirage Tangram"

Sunn o))) "Life Metal"

Tool "Fear Inoculum"

OverKill "The Wings of War"

Blut Aus Nord "Hallucinogen"

Swans "Leaving Meaning"

Viscera/// "Spirit of '86 Remix Wars"

Lingua Ignota "Caligula"

Scorn "Cafe Mor"

Liturgy "H.A.Q.Q."

Future "The Wizrd"

Death Angel "Humanicide"

Lana Del Rey "Norman Fucking Rockwell!"

DarkThrone "Old Star"

Chelsea Wolfe "Birth of Violence"

Russian Circles "Blood Year"

Diversicolor "Diversicolor"

Prong "Age of Defiance"

Refused "War Music"

3Teeth "Metawar"

Kim Gordon "No Home Record"

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds "Ghosteen"

Mayhem "Daemon"


Lana Del Rey "Norman Fucking Rockwell!"

Alex Cameron "Miami Memory"

Billie Eilish "When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go"

Weyes Blood "Titanic Rising"

Sharon Van Etten "Remind Me Tomorrow"

FKA Twigs "Magdalene"

Sleater-Kinney "The Center Won't Hold"

James Blake "Assume Form"

Angel Olsen "All Mirrors"

Du Blonde "Lung Bread for Daddy"

Alex Lahey "The Best Of Luck Club"

White Lies "Five"

Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds "Ghosteen"

Marika Hackman "Any Human Friend"

Ladytron "Ladytron"

Emily King "Scenert"

Amanda Palmer "There Will Be No Intermission"

Deerhunter "Why Hasn't Everything Already Disappeared"

Cherry Glazerr "Stuffed and Ready"

Tallies "Tallies"


Daniel Lopatin “Uncut Gems Original Motion Picture Soundtrack”
Moodymann “Sinner”
Mick Moon "Trallinn"
Madteo “Dropped Out Sunshine”
Biosphere “Senja Recordings”
Fennez “Agora”
Vera Dvale “AVAV”
Andy Stott "It Should Be Us"
Khotin “For Trial Listening”
Khruangbin “Hasta el Cielo”
Rita Ray “Old Love Will Rust”
Anna Kaneelina “Anna Kaneelina”
Caterina Barbieri ‎”Ecstatic Computation”
DJ Nigga Fox “Cartas na manga”
Miles Davis "Rubberband"
Ratkiller “Blue Thirty”
Dresvn “3 Trax”
Bobby Casanova “Only 1”
Pharmakon “Devour”
Earl Sweatshirt “Feet of Clay”


Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio "Let's Play [Two Girls & A Goat]" (Out Of Line)
Lingua Ignota "Caligula" (Profound Lore)
Hyperlacrimae "Through the lies of Mr. Nasotti" (Infidel Bodies)
Kontravoid "Too Deep" (Fleisch)
Bestial Mouths "Inshroudss" (Rune & Ruin)
Deutsch Nepal "Staring At My Wall" (Entartete Musikk)
Maenad Veyl "Body Count" (Veyl)
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds "Ghosteen"
Wychdoktor "Pact" (Self-released)
Mayhem "Daemon" (Century Media)
Fractions "Scars Of Love" (Fleisch)
Codex Empire "Slow Erosion" (aufnahme + wiedergabe)
Tommy Four Seven "Veer" (47)
Iron Sight "Chapter One, Decade" (Strange Therapy)
Only Child Tyrant "Time To Run" (Nomark)
Darkthrone "Old Star" (Peaceville)
The Devil & The Universe ":Endgame 69:" (aufnahme + wiedergabe)
Rotting Christ "The Heretics" (Season Of Mist)
Fun Frequency "Chronicles Of Decay" (Kodama)
Entombed A.D. "Bowels Of Earth" (Century Media)


1. Tindersticks “No Treasure But Hope“
2. Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds “Ghosteen“
3. The Specials “Encore“
4. Diversicolor “Diversicolor“
5. The Northquakes “Tears In Rain“
6. Sleaford Mods “Eton Alive“
7. Fontaines D.C. “Dogrel“
8. Wrupk Urei “Wu Wei“
9. Underworld “Drift Series I: Sampler Edition“
10. Iggy Pop “Free“
11. Doktor Normal “World Of Ham“
12. Amyl & The Sniffers “Amyl & The Sniffers“
13. Swindle “No More Normal“
14. Edwyn Collins “Badbea“
16. black midi “Schlagenheim“
17. Siim Aimla Funk Band “We Need To Talk“
18. Dead Furies “Stay Gold“
19. Gee “Metsas“
20. Sampa The Great “Te Return“


1. Billie Eilish „When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?”

2.-20. Battles „Juice B Crypts”

2.-20. Clicherik & Mäx „Häng”

2.-20. David Hasselhoff „Open Your Eyes”

2.-20. Doktor Normal „World Of Ham”

2.-20. Fat White Family „Serfs Up!”

2.-20. Foals „Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost (Part 1 & Part 2)”

2.-20. Fontaines D.C. „Dogrel”

2.-20. girl in red „chapter 2”

2.-20. Jan Helsing „Käed”

2.-20. Lana Del Rey „Norman Fucking Rockwell!”

2.-20. Lizzo „Cuz I Love You”

2.-20. Metro Luminal „Ajaja”

2.-20. mxmtoon „the masquerade”

2.-20. Psychoterror „Käärid”

2.-20. reket „Kulutuli”

2.-20. Sipelga 14 „Traplaif”

2.-20. Solange „When I Get Home”

2.-20. Vaiko Eplik „Sireleis”

2.-20. YASMYN „SlowFall”


01. Estoner „ Tahm“
02. Henri Hütt „Võimatus kui elustiil“
03. Ratkiller „Tacky Whack“
04. SlowedChromeChain „Oracle“
05. Dead Furies „Stay Gold“
06. Kannabinõid „3“
07. Diversicolor „Diversicolor“
08. Moondur „Noise Eye Radio“
09. Luurel Varas ‎“175g“
10. Mr. Garfield „Back To 84“
11. Swarn „Black Flame Order“
12. Sküllfükk SS „Müsikk to Fükk to: Rehearsal demo 2019“
13. Underground Forest „Magnoolia“
14. Ziegenhorn ‎“Goat Demo(n)“
15. Mang Ont "Maa sarv"
16. Wondering O "Best Wishes"
17. Woldemare "Tagasi ei tule"
18. Oudeis "Heretic Ambient"


1. UVB76 “SĀN”

2. Fatima Al Qadiri “Atlantics” soundtrack

3.Restive Plaggona “Ego Driven”

4.Salve “Harsh Mentor”

5.Sarin & Imperial Black Unit “Will To Destroy”

6.Blind Delon “Discipline”

7.Michael Abels “Us” soundtrack

8.Sarin “Moral Cleansing”

9.Æmɨt “Devourer”

10.Zaliva-D “Forsaken”

11.Agency “Agency”

12.Bedless Bones “Sublime Malaise”

13.MXM “Absurd”

14.Spit Mask “You May Feel Some Pressure”

15.Nikolajev “LEL”

16.QUAL “Cyber Care”

17.Kris Baha “My Master”

18.Rhys Fulber “Ostalgia”

19.Mark Korven “Lighthouse” soundtrack

20.De Ambassade “Duistre Kamers”


1. Solange "When I Get Home"

2. FKA Twigs "Magdalene"

3. Estrada Orchestra "Zucker Tanzclub"

4. James Blake "Assume Form"

5. Anna Kaneelina "Anna Kaneelina"

6. Michael Kiwanuka "Kiwanuka"

7. Devendra Banhart "Ma"

8. Arlo Parks "Super Sad Generation"

9. Tyler, the Creator "IGOR"

10. Lana Del Rey "Norman Fucking Rockwell"

11. Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds "Ghosteen"

12. Seltskond Pargis "6 pala öisest pealinnast"

13. YASMYN "Slowfall"

14. Anderson .Paak "Ventura"

15. Snoh Aalegra "Ugh, Those Feels Again"

16. Mahalia "Love and Compromise"

17. Maggie Rogers "Heard It in Past Life"

18. Banks "III"

19. King Princess "Cheap Queen"

20. Rita Ray "Old Love Will Rust"


1. Kali Malone "The Sacrificial Code"
2. Anne Imhof "Faust"
3. Iku "Iku"
4. W00DY "My Diary"
5. Klein "Lifetime"
6. Lee Gamble "In a Paraventral Scale"
7. Michael O'Shea "Michael O'Shea"
8. Palmistry "Afterlife"
9. DJ Firmeza "Ardeu"
10. Ratkiller "Tacky Whack"
11. Kablam "Confusía"
12. Nozomu Matsumoto "Phonocentrism"
13. Puto Tito "Carregando a vida atrás das costas"
14. jonatan leandoer127 "Nectar"
15. Kepla "Within The Gaze, A Shadhavar"
16. Moor Mother "Analog Fluids of Sonic Black Holes"
17. Keru Not Ever "The Wind of ?"
18. Yutaka Hirose "Nova + 4"
19. Visible Cloaks, Yoshio Ojima & Satsuki Shibano "FRKWYS Vol. 15: Serenitatem"
20. Richard Dawson "2020"


1 Lana Del Rey NFR
2 Toro Y Moi Outer Peace
3 Steve Lacy Apollo XXI
4 Bill Callahan Shepherd In Sheepskin Vest
5 Barker Utility
6 jonathan leandoer96 Nectar
7 Thom Yorke Anima
8 Lorelle Meets The Obsolete De Facto
9 Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds Ghosteen
10 Weyes Blood Titanic Rising
11 Cate Le Bon Reward
12 Out-Or Structures
13 Rich Brian The Sailor
14 Carla Dal Forno Look Up Sharp
15 Sandro Perri Soft Landing
16 Aldous Harding Designer
17 Rian Treanor ATAXIA
18 Jenny Hval The Practice Of Love
19 RX 101 Dopamine
20 Young Marco Bahasa
21 FKA Twigs Magdalene
22 Msage Catch A Blessing
23 Tyler, The Creator Igor
24 Matias Aguayo Support Alien Invasion
25 Maryn E Coote Welcome To My World
26 Vanishing Twin The Age Of Immunology
27 Special Request Bedroom Tapes
28 Kim Gordon No Home Record
29 Solange When I Get Home
30 Brahja Brahja
31 Luurel Varas New World
32 Aleksi Heinola Quintet Aleksi Heinola Quintet
33 Ratkiller Blue thirty
34 Estrada Orchestra Tanz Zuckerclub
35 Young Thug So Much Fun
36 Blood Orange Angel's Pulse
37 Clinic Wheeltappers And Shunters
38 Cherusii & Maria Minerva Cherusii & Maria Minerva
39 DJ Fett Burger & DJ Speckgürtel Red Scorpions
40 Liis Ring Woolgathering
41 Yasmyn SlowFall
42 Feater Socialo Blanco
43 Divino Nino Foam
44 Michael Kiwanuka Kiwanuka


1. Solange “When I Get Home”

2. Earl Sweatshirt “Some Rap Songs”

3. Tyler, The Creator “IGOR”

4. Young Thug “So Much Fun”

5. Manna “Album EP”

6. UnoTheActivist “Limbus, Vol. 2”

7. Cherushii & Maria Minerva “Cherushii & Maria Minerva”

8. Infinite Bisous “Period”

9. Prince "Originals"

10. Jessica Pratt “Quiet Signs”

11. Future “Future Hndrxx Presents: The WIZRD”

12. Mike “War In My Pen”

13. Ariana Grande “thank u, next”

14. Freddie Gibbs “Bandana”

15. Mini Dresses “Heaven Sent

16. Tidus “+ Sign”


1.-2. Jessica Pratt “Quiet Signs”

1.-2. Pi’erre Bourne “Life of Pi’erre 4”
3. Young Thug “So Much Fun”

4.-6. Cartier God “Once Every Blue Moon”

4.-6. Cartier God “I Need Your Love”

4.-6. Cartier God x DOMD “Digital Drip”

7. Prince “Originals”

8. Noir Brent “Life is A Joke (Meme pt 1)”

9.-11. Thaiboy Digital “Legendary Member”

9.-11. Thaiboy Digital, Bladee, Ecco2k “Trash Island”

9.-11. Ecco3k “E”

12.-15. Sip€lga 14 “Traplaif”

12.-15. SlowedChromeChain “Oracle”

12.-15. Neoandertals “Neanderthal Parallax”

12.-15. Cherushii & Maria Minerva “Cherushii & Maria Minerva”

16. Lightning Bolt ”Sonic Citadel”

17. Billie Eilish When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?”

18. TisaKorean “A Guide to Being a Partying Freshman”

19.-21. na$karMoney “GTA: Jugg City”

19.-21. Solange “When I get Home”
19.-21.Tyler, the Creator “IGOR”
22.-30. MDMA “Witchcraft”

22.-30. Herme$ “333”
22.-30. BBY GOYARD “Loose Lips and Sharp Tongues”

22.-30. Moodymann “Sinner”
22.-30. Mick Moon “We Ain’t Friends”

22.-30. Ethereal “All Eyez On E”
22.-30. Future “Future Hndrxx Presents: The WIZRD”

22.-30. Erika de Casier “Essentials”

22.-30. Tidus “+ Sign”


1.Slowthai "Nothing Great About Britain"

2.Soundbwoy Killah "Halycon Daze"

3.Freddie Gibbs & Madlib "Bandana"

4.King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard "Infest the Rats' Nest"

5.Westside Gunn "Hitler Wears Hermes 7"

6.Danny Brown "uknowhatimsayin¿"

7. Anderson .Paak "Ventura"

8.Octo Octa "Resonant Body"

9.Special Request "Vortex"

10.Dew8 "Ke’leti jaht"

11.The Chemical Brothers "No Geography"

12.Benny the Butcher "The Plugs I Met"

13.Aesop Rock & Tobacco "Malibu Ken"

14.Neuronphase "Neuronphase LP"

15.Stenny "Upsurge"

16.Special Request "Offworld"

17.Little Brother "May the Lord Watch"

18.MAVI "Let the Sun Talk"

19.Lee Gamble "Exhaust"

20.Wiki "Oofie"


1) Aldous Harding "Design"
2) Toro y Moi "Outer Peace"
3) Big thief "U.F.O.F.""
4) Diiv "Blankenship"
5) Vampire Weekend "Father of the Bride"
6) Liis Ring “Woolgahering”
7) Fka Twigs "Magdalene"
8) Floating Points "Crush”
9) Jenny Hval "The Practice of Love"
10) Andy Stott "It should be us"
11) Fennesz "Agora"
12) Nils Frahm "All encores"
13) Nick Cave and the bad seeds "Ghosteen"
14) Danny Brown "U Know What I'm Sayin"
15) Anna Kaneelina "Anna Kaneelina"
16) These New Puritans "Inside the Rose"
17) The Raconteurs "Help us Stranger"
18) King Midas Sound "Solitude"
19) Jessica Pratt "Quiet signs"
20) Angel Olsen "All mirrors"


Blut Aus Nord "Hallucinogen"

Sunn O))) "Life Metal"

Mgla "Age of Excuse"

Sunn O))) "Pyroclasts"

Kaleikr "Heart of Lead"

Oculus Vacui "Alkahest"

Misthyrming "Algleymi"

Andavald "Undir Skyggðarhaldi"

Deathspell Omega "The Furnaces of Palingenesia"

Gardsghastr "Slit Throat Requiem"

Departure Chandelier "Antichrist Rise to Power"

Nocturnal Departure "Cathartic Black Rituals"

Kringa "Feast upon the Gleam"

Wagner Ödegard "Om Domedag Och De Femton Järtekn"

Blood Incantation "Hidden History of the Human Race"

Sadisme "Festering in Telepathic Communion"

Drastus "La Croix de sang"

Vargrav "Reign in Supreme Darkness"

Hagzissa "They Ride Along"

Óreiða "Óreiða"


1. HEALTH “Vol. 4: Slaves of Fear”

2. Misery Index “Rituals of Power”

3. Slipknot “We Are Not Your Kind”

4. Tool “Fear Inoculum”

5. Numenorean “Adore”

6. Cave In “Final Transmission”

7. Refused “War Music”

8. Cattle Decapitation “Death Atlas”

9. Torche “Admission”

10. Norma Jean “All Hail”

11. Cult of Luna “A Dawn to Fear”

12. Ulver “Drone Activity”

13. Rotting Christ “The Heretics”

14. Alcest “Spiritual Instinct”

15. Soilwork “Verkligheten”

16. Knocked Loose “A Different Shade of Blue”

17. As I Lay Dying “Shaped by Fire”

18. Astronoid “Astronoid”

19. Baroness “Gold & Grey”

20. Opeth “In Cauda Venenum”


William Basinski – On time out of time

Liis Ring – Woolgathering

Loscil – Equivalents

Kadri Voorand – In Duo with Mihkel Mälgand

Bon Iver - i, i

Fennesz – Agora

Tim Hecker – Anoyo

Brad Mehldau – Finding Gabriel

Sumatran Black - Elegy for a lost cosmonaut E.P

Yazz Ahmed – Polyhymnia

The National – I am easy to find

Chromatics – Closer to grey

The Cinematic Orchestra – To believe

Black to Comm – Seven horses for seven kings

Mart Soo & Kulgejad – Kulg II

Moor Mother – Analog fluids of Sonic Black Holes

Karl Petti – Veemaal

Underground Forest – Magnoolia

Floating Points – Crush

Kreatiivmootor – Mentalbau


Madteo "Dropped out Sunshine"

Moodymann "Sinner"

Weyes Blood "Titanic Rising"

Barker "Utility"

Ana Roxanne "~~~"

Jessica Pratt "Quiet Signs"

Cartier God "Once Every Blue Moon"

Aleksi Perälä "Resonance"

Sam Wilkes "Live on The Green"

Asuna & Jan Jalinek "Signals Bulletin"

Jenny Hval "The Practice of Love"

Panda Bear "Buoys"

Chi Factory "The Mantra Recordings"

Duke "Uingizaji Heva"

Moma Ready"Soft Hard Body"

Lightning Bolt "Sonic Citadel"

Hama "Houmeissa"

JPEGMAFIA "All My Heroes Are Cornballs"

Coco Bryce "Night On Earth"

Loraine James "For You And I"

Carl Stone "Himalaya"

Thee Oh Sees "Face Stabber"

Moor Mother "Analog Fluids of Sonic Black Holes"


Weyes Blood “Titanic Rising”

Oso Oso “Basking in the Glow”

HTRK “Venus in Leo”

(Sandy) Alex G “House of Sugar”

Big Thief “U.F.O.F.”

Thom Yorke “ANIMA”

Mount Eerie “Lost Wisdom pt. 2”

Big Thief “Two Hands”

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds “Ghosteen”

Meitei “Komachi”

Jenny Hval “The Practice of Love”

Purple Mountains “Purple Mountains”

Clairo “Immunity”

Galcher Lustwerk “Information”

Croatian Amor “Isa”

Sandro Perri “Soft Landing”

American Football “American Football”

Bill Callahan “Shepherd in a Sheepskin Vest”

Richard Dawson “2020”

Kim Gordon “No Home Record”


Fontaines D.C. "Dogrel"


Jamila Woods "LEGACY! LEGACY!"

Durand Jones & The Indications "American Love Call"

The Brian Jonestown Massacre "The Brian Jonestown Massacre"

Ghost Funk Orchestra "A Song For Paul"

The Comet Is Coming "Trust In The Lifeforce Of The Deep Mystery"

Priests "The Seduction Of Kansas"

Misha Panfilov "Heli Maagia"

Ezra Collective "You Can't Steal My Joy"

Lee Fields & The Expressions "It Rains Love"

Little Simz "GRAY Area"

Drugdealer "Wild Honey"

Cass McCombs "Tip Of The Sphere"

King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard "Fishing For Fishies"

Tinariwen "Amadjar"

Sarathy Korwar "More Arriving"

Bobby Oroza "This Love"

Brittany Howard "Jamie"

Lana Del Rey "Norman Fucking Rockwell"


1. black midi “Schlagenheim”

2. FKA Twigs “Magdalene”

3. Steve Lacy “Apollo XXI”

4. Slowthai “Nothing Great About Britain”

5. Neuronphase “Neuronphase”

6. Blood Orange “Angel’s Pulse”

7. Tyler, the Creator “Igor”

8. Future “Future Hndrxx Presents: The WIZRD”

9. Aldous Harding “Designer"

10. Gang Starr “One Of The Best Yet”

11. Brockhampton “Ginger”

12. DEW8 “Ke’leti jaht”

13. Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds “Ghosteen”

14. Coldplay “Everyday Life”

15. Kate Tempest “The Books of Traps and Lessons”

16. Lust for Youth “Lust for Youth”

17. Orville Peck “Pony”

18. Hot Chip “A Bath Full of Ecstasy”

19. Mike “Tears of Joy”

20. Rita Ray “Old Love Will Rust”


1. Lana Del Rey “Norman Fucking Rockwell!”
2. Foals “Part 1 Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost”
3. Tyler, the Creator “Igor”

4. (Sandy) Alex G “House of Sugar”
5. Kim Gordon “No Home Record”
6. Thom Yorke “Anima”
7. Sharon Van Etten “Remind Me Tomorrow”

8. SIP€LGA 14 “Traplaif”
9. Mannequin Pussy “Patience”
10. Angel Olsen “All Mirrors”

11. Clairo “Immunity”

12. Bon Iver “i,i era”

13. Anna Kaneelina “Anna Kaneelina”
14. Weyes Blood “Titanic Rising”
15. slowthai “Nothing Great About Britain”
16. Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds “Ghosteen”
17. Moon Duo “Stars Are The Light”
18. FKA Twigs “Magdalene”
19. Jenny Hval “The Practice Of Love”
20. Seltskond Pargis “6 Pala Öisest Pealinnast”
21. Purple Mountains “Purple Mountains”


1. Lana Del Rey „Norman Fucking Rockwell!“

2. 100 gecs „1000 gecs“

3. FKA Twigs „Magdalene“

4. (Sandy) Alex G „House of Sugar“

5. Charli XCX „Charli“

6. Oso Oso „Basking in the Glow“

7. Clairo „Immunity“

8. Tinashe „Songs for You“

9. Caroline Polachek „Pang“

10. Slowthai „Nothing Great About Britain“

11. Better Oblivion Community Center „Better Oblivion Community Center“

12. Ariana Grande „Thank U, Next“

13. Solange „When I Get Home“

14. Toro y Moi „Outer Peace“

15. Vampire Weekend „Father of the Bride“

16. Big Thief „U.F.O.F.“

17. Tyler, the Creator „Igor“

18. Kim Petras „Clarity“

19. Anna Kaneelina „Anna Kaneelina“

20. The National „I Am Easy to Find“


1. Philip Bailey „Love Will Find A Way“

2. Vanishing Twin „The Age of Immunology“

3. Bat For Lashes „Lost Girls“

4. Article 54 „The Hustle“

5. Ultramarine „Signals Into Space“

6. Lizzo „Cuz I Love You“

7. Rita Ray „Old Love Will Rust“

8. Charlotte Adigery „Zandoli“ EP

9. Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds „Ghosteen“

10. Kreatiivmootor „Mentalbau“

11. Richard Skelton „Border Ballads“

12. Nicola Cruz „Siku“

13. Prince „Originals“

14. Three Free Radicals x Liis Viira „Atlas Of The Heavens“

15. Angel Bat Dawid „The Oracle“

16. Wrupk Urei „Wu Wei“

17. Liis Ring „Woolgathering“

18. Misha Panfilov „Heli Maagia“

19. Doktor Normal „World of Ham“

20. Anna Kaneelina „Anna Kaneelina“


Steve Gunn "The Unseen In Between"

Cass McCombs "Tip Of The Sphere"

The Proper Ornaments "6 Lenins"

Westkust "Westkust"

Bruce Springsteen "Western Stars"

The Brian Jonestown Massacre "The Brian Jonestown Massacre"

Fabienne Delsol "Four"

Garcia Peoples "Natural Facts"

Swervedriver "Future Ruins"

Angel Olsen "All Mirrors"

The Stargazer Lilies "Occabot"

Lana Del Rey "Norman Fucking Rockwell"

Fontaines D.C. "Dogrel"

Jan Helsing "Käed"

Diversicolor "Diversicolor"

Misha Panfilov "Heli Maagia"

Big Search "Slow Fascination"

Homeboy Sandman "Dusty"

Kevin Morby "Oh My God"

Mercury Rev "Bobbie Gentry's The Delta Sweete Revisited"